I believe that there should be a better, more lean way people build innovative technology and form teams of talented and equally motivated members.

I believe that there should be more women in technology, on all levels; as start-up founders, VC/investors, innovators. There is so much wasted potential due to the human insecurity and hesitance. I know how hard was it for me.

I believe we should always follow our passion to realise our full potential. Each of us has different talents, which we often suppress, trying to fit in into what ‘society’ asks us to do/behave.

It’s extremely hard to put in few words what I’m all about and how many things I would love to work on (considering my 1001 ideas/per minute), so step by step:
  • Mission 1:
    To make IamIN Kuba’s and world’s success how people split group payments and experience life in groups.
  • Mission 2:
    I have founded Amuse to help ambitious tech talents working on emerging tech and IoT, changing the world for the better.
  • Mission 3:
    Get more girls and women in tech – becoming a role model, showing that it is an awesome industry – the closest you can get to creating magic. Boys had their MacGyver who inspired them to go into engineering. Women (especially in Poland) were left uninfluenced.
  • Mission 4:
    Keep working with incredibly inspiring startups.
  • Mission 5:
    Be a positive change of this world!

Follow my journey on this blog and please, do comment, as even I need some words of support (or constructive criticism). Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or you can just email me – I am a very social beast 🙂

Kamila Hankiewicz